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April 15th, 2008

Roommate Rant

I need to do a good roommate rant:

First of all, one of my roommates left a note this morning that I found when I got back from class that said (to all of us) to wash the dishes on the stove. a) There was one pan on the stove, yes it was mine, but I had used it the night before and couldn't clean it up because it was too hot. b) Said pan has been, on several occasions, been left on the stove by said roommate for well over a week at a time because I've been waiting for her to clean the oil out of it that she used to deep-fry food. I'm not the only one who does it! b) The stove itself is actually what I would have been worried about, seeing as both it and the counters were disgusting, and I did not want to make my lunch on them. c) There were dishes in the sink, too, but they weren't mentioned... d) There's a glass that belonged to said roommate that's been sitting on the coffee table for over a week.

Then I went to go unload the dishwasher, and I found lots of upside-down dishes with nasty water in them, and the stupid muffin tins again. They rust if you put them in the dishwasher! We covered that already!

I think that's it for now :)

September 24th, 2007

Yeah...Junior Year

So...I never really got around to posting anything else from the summer, or anything from the school year up until now. Summer was a little hectic with going to Spain (which was AWESOME, by the way), and then I came back and immediately got sick, and then got my wisdom teeth out, then got sick again, and then worked a bit, and then moved back to school for band camp. Oh so much fun!

I'm living in a campus apartment this year with a bunch of people I didn't really know when I signed up for housing. However, it's awesome. The original group of 3 didn't know the 4th girl at all, but we seem to get along with her really well. It's a lot of fun to have a large group of my friends in this building, that's for sure (3 apartments worth!). So we have a lot of fun, especially since most of us are in band and have kind of the same schedules. There does seem to be a lot more excitement this year than when I lived in the dorms.

Classes, however, are exhausting. I thought I was going to have it much easier with 16 credits instead of 18. Boy was I wrong. I'm barely keeping up with what I have to do. It is most definitely an insane semester. It's quite a bit different than the past, too. For one thing, my first class on MWF has 14 or 15 students, and my second class has 7. The classes are just set up very differently, too. And there is much more work. I was definitely very ready to relax this past weekend, mostly because last week was so bad. The career fair was last week, and I needed to go to apply for internships (I still have only 2 interviews and I talked to 9 different companies:( I was hoping for more...) So I had to do a bunch of stuff for the career fair (I have so many cover letters I actually have to write this year!). And classes were just getting to the point where all the tests occur. Plus I had stuff to do for KKY and band... It was not a fun week.

Marching band has been fun. Our first show was a Latin show, and then we had Star Trek and then Queen. We're doing West Side Story now, but I'm sad since I won't be there for that game. All that fun music :(

And I've been distracted by AIM conversations and homework, so I think I'll end here.

May 21st, 2007

Spain is coming!

I will be leaving for Spain in less than 48 hours :):( I'm both excited and nervous about that, and to tell you the truth, will be dreading it until I actually get there. Whitney will be coming tomorrow to make the trip to O'Hare, and all that will be very interesting. I still don't have a tenative address, though, despite the fact that they said we would have one before we left. I may or may not leave notes of my travels on here, but we'll see once I get there. I definitely hope to have a lot of pictures:)

Anyway, I finished my 2 weeks between school and Spain by working every darn day. I had almost 80 hours in 16 days! Yay money for Spain! But the two weeks caught up to me and if I had worked today, I probably would have bitten someone's head off.

All right, back to trying to pack.

April 30th, 2007

The End of the Semester...

I can't believe that I'm getting kinda sad: I only have 4 more nights in Friley :( Then I'll be living in FC next year. With the amount of people I know in my building, it's either going to be really good or really bad. It will be interesting, that's for sure - especially since literally one fourth of the KKY chapter is going to be living in that building...

It has definitely been a long and stressful semester. The sad thing is that I don't really want it to end. The only part about the end of this semester that I'm really looking forward to is the end in those dreaded group projects and the fact that I'll be done with some of my classes. Some of them I'll miss though. I'll miss living in Friley and all those that will still be living here. I feel that time is going by so quickly that I haven't had time to enjoy it. I'm only a few days away from being halfway through college! It seems like it's been so quick. I guess one thing that I should be excited about is going to Spain. I'm excited to actually be able to go to Spain, but I'm dreading actually getting there. Definitely not looking forward to the flight. I'm fine with planes, and I'm fine with swimming in water, but when you put something like a plane over water, that's not good. I kinda feel bad for Whitney since she has to deal with me twice on that journey (well, 4 flights, but 2 are completely over land or Lake Michigan, which isn't nearly so bad since I've flown over it before). While I'm over there, I hope to keep a journal of some sort, but we'll see how that goes. It honestly will probably end up half in Spanish, half in English. Maybe I'll write it in Spanish and translate it to English when I get back, but I'm sure I'll be too busy by then.

On to the next random thought, I'm kind of scared as to what Whitney and/or Trina might do for my birthday while I'm in Spain. They both seemed a little too happy when they found out that my birthday was going to be on a Saturday while I'm in Spain...

Anyway, I should REALLY go back to studying now...I have my 271 final in the morning and I really haven't started studying yet. But I don't want to :(

Maybe I'll get another post in before I leave, though I doubt it with all the things I have to do before I leave...

February 16th, 2007

Needless to say, it was an interesting end to last semester. I think I've been busy out of my mind since November, minus the relaxing moments of Christmas break. Unfortunately, the fact that I was actually working during that break meant that I got a lot of day hours and didn't get to sleep in as much as I would have liked to. Sleep. Ah, that sounds like a really good idea right now. I've definitely been a little short on sleep lately. WAY too much to do. Homework, music stuff, aplications like crazy (a coulple for scholarships, study aboad, and more), trying to find a place to live for next year and people to live with...yeah, it's been insane. Classes are insane on Tuesdays and Thursdays with 6 or 7 hours of class. I'm also trying to be a bit more social this semester, and so far it seems to be working, but honestly if I was less social, I think things would be very boring...

Anyway, I'm going to Spain this summer!! Late May through July. It's going to be AWESOME! I'll most likely have a past roommate and a future roommate there, too, though completely by coincidence, if you can believe that. I'm definitely looking forward to that, but there is definitely a lot to do before then.

Sleepy time now!

November 5th, 2006

It's November 5th!!

Okay, so I'm not from the UK, but I am a particular fan of this verse and of the movie [I]V for Vendetta[/I]...

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November,
The Gunpoweder Treason, and Plot...
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

October 26th, 2006

The Muddy Muddy Mud Pit

Okay, so that actually goes The Muddy Money Mud Pit, but seeing as there is no money involved, it just didn't fit. Yeah, so the marching band field was a mud pit today. I know there were a lot of people complaining about it today, but if they didn't march around where my rank was, they've got nothing. There was a decent-sized puddle complete with squishy, squishy mud on the 30 or 35 yard line today - right where my rank marches...the definite worst spot on the field...but see, I lost track at 20 of how many times I had to march through that specific spot. On ONE run-through, I go through that spot 4 times...yeah, not fun. And we definitely did more than 5 runs through that section. More like 10. Oh yeah, did I mention that two of those moves are back marching through it? One of them is at a fairly decent pace as well. The first time we ran through that part, I was not aware of the fact that it would be so slippery behind me and was definitely very close to wiping out. The guide right behind me definitely told me not to fall as we were starting that section again...So yeah, I'm definitely (still) covered in mud right now:) Yay for not doing pregame, though!

October 24th, 2006

Just another week...

Yeah, I definitely have been busy lately, though thankfully the workload is starting to go down. There are only two more home football games left, so that *should* free up some time, though I'm going to be sad that another season is over:( But hey, I have until at least right before Thanksgiving before it's over (I'm definitely not counting on a bowl at this point...). After that, though, I will have to worry about pep band. It's like high school band! Yay! I miss high school pep band...

I have discovered recently that I need to start writing more things down on my calendar and then [I]actually look at them[/I]!!!! Yeah, I've been a bit scatter-brained lately... I should clean my room as well. It's definitely to the point where I have finally overtaken C in messiness...

I definitely managed to give myself some massive bruises Sunday night playing intramural volleyball... There are two massive bruises (though one is definitely much larger than the other) that are purple and green and blue, and even a bit red in some place. No, we do not play with knee pads at this level of intramural...probably not a good choice for me, but oh well. If we have another game that I can play in before my bruises heal, I may have to relent, seeing as I definitely can't kneel on that knee and landing on it again would be VERY painful. But anyway, we've had two games, and we've played 4 players against 6 players. Yet, we've still managed to win!!! :) Hopefully they'll have enough players on Sunday when I am other-wise occupied. We're playing the other team in our pool that hasn't lost. Yes, I am having fun with basketball:D

And I know this is getting kind of long, but I have a kinda funny story (okay, so it's not funny, it's just really strange). I turned off my cell phone on the bus on the way to WalMart on Sunday afternoon. A few hours later (I went clothes shopping, too), I tried to turn it on, and it just wouldn't turn on. It had only had one bar when I turned it off, so I figured it was dead. So I brought it back to my dorm and charged it. Yeah...I could not turn it on after it was charged. I couldn't turn it on Monday at all either (yes, I tried 6 or 7 times). I couldn't turn it on this morning when I left at about 8:30. Then, to my surprise, it turned on when I tried at noon, right before my diff eq class...and everything was in Spanish. And I know it was not in Spanish when I turned it off. So, I switched it back to English (yes, I could read it in Spanish, but I definitely prefer English), but it thought it was already in English, so I had to do that twice...

Yeah, it's been an interesting day...or week for that matter...

October 13th, 2006

The Evolution of Dance

This thing is awesome!!!!

The Evolution of Dance
"The Evolution of Dance" on Google Video
Comedian dances to clips from the 60's to the 2000's

October 12th, 2006

So I had my adviser appointment today...and apparently I'm already the third person who has had issues with the same particular class being dropped off the degree audit, though I am the first one who had it fulfilled over one part and not the other...I wonder how that will turn out.

In other news, it was absolutely freezing for marching band rehearsal today...if you didn't have gloves or a hat or whatever (but especially gloves), you had major issues. But I play clarinet, and it is EXTRAORDINARILY DIFFICULT to wear gloves and play at the same time. Oh well. I'm very proud of myself, though. I learned my real part in this show in one day. Pretty good for only marching that spot a few times before not marching it due to being at a wedding...But my clarinet did fall completely apart because of its issues and the cold...I really should get that fixed...

Oh, and I think I may have a semi-photographic memory...or more likely I'm just a really, really, really fast learner.
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